Tuesday, February 14, 2012

African Wallpapers 7

The long wait is over, finaly my African Wallpapers 7 post is here :-)

1400x900 widescreen wallpaper of a zebra herd in the Savannah in eastern Namibia
1600x1200: typical landscape in the north of South Africa

1'600x1'200 farmland and amazing mountains in Rwanda

1280x1024 buffalos in the green Savannah in rain season

1920x1200 lonely giraffe in the dry savannah

1600x1200 one leopard vs a impala herd

1920x1080 lone giraffe on the serengeti in Namibia


  1. I'm digging these wonderful wallpapers. I like your blog and will follow along.

  2. awesome! Time for my desktop to change wp.