Monday, July 18, 2011

Film: Saved by the Lioness

“A newborn Wildebeest calf is saved from the jaws of a band of marauding Hyenas by an unlikely rescuer: a Lioness”

Wildebeest run the world’s most dangerous marathon: a million contestants, travelling almost 2,000 miles each year through the Serengeti, in the never-ending search for greener pastures.

Instead of following a million, Saved By The Lioness follows one extraordinary wildebeest calf on the Serengeti plains of Tanzania. Within moments of birth, she is seized by a lioness. Her life seems over before it has begun.

However, what should be the end of the story is just the start. Not knowing that lions are dangerous, her instinct drives the naïve calf to bond with the nearest warm body: the lioness.
Then, miraculously and so rare it has never been filmed before, the lioness bonds in return.

That’s just day one. A year of hazards follows: the epic drama of the Great Migration. Our young wildebeest runs a gauntlet of predators - cheetahs, leopards, hyenas and hostile lions - only to reach a crocodile-infested river that must be crossed.

Saved By The Lioness is a story of a mother’s bond, a species’ endurance and one extraordinary calf’s breathtaking survival.



  1. Looks quite interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I was just watching a film JUST like this.... Bobbly williams was in it. Good post nevertheless! :P

  3. I get very excited each time i see a new post here. This is like animal planet on a blog. I love it!
    Ohh i just saw your friends tab, i hope you dont mind if i steal that idea, and obviously add you to my friends list :)

  4. That's really cool! One of my local zoos has a very very old lioness who requires shots of gold salts every day for her arthritis. She's really pretty.

  5. Awesome post. Nature can be gentle.

  6. oh wow! nature is weird sometimes

  7. I'm guessing that's somewhere in Africa. Very beautiful and dangerous! only minutes to learn to run is a lot of pressure lol

  8. I think I saw a piece on this on TV once, I would love to see the movie...I'm a sap so I'd probably cry a lot lol. This kind of thing is not unheard of. Rehabilitation centers often use dogs and cats to nurse everything from squirrels to pigs and even opossums.

  9. So I finished this film, and I enjoyed it. Any more suggestions?